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Today has been a long day so far and it’s only half over.  I got up at 4:45 and hoped in the car to make it back from Ocean City, Maryland in time to start our build day for Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County.  I made awesome time getting back (there are NO cars on the road at 5:00 am…) and had time to stop at Dunkin Donuts for a cup of coffee and to log on long enough to do a few quick updates for a GrillMarX’s website.  Then off to the build day at 8:00 am.

I say “build” day, but it was really more of an unbuild day.  We were working on stripping a house in Silver Spring, Maryland that had a fire.  According to the people at Habitat for Humanity, the fire was started last winter during one of the ice storms that knocked out power; and when the power came back on, it surged and blew out a bathroom fan which caught fire and burned half of the house down.  The elderly couple made it out safely (thank God!), but decided they could never go home again and donated the house to Habitat for Humanity.  Habitat matched the home with a great family who is planning to move in March!

During the “unbuild” day, we cleaned out a ton of debris, removed all of the drywall and insulation, ripped out some damaged plumbing, removed all of the electrical wiring, and ripped out about half of the HVAC system.   At least that’s what I did upstairs.  It sounded like they were equally as busy downstairs based on all of the banning and clanging I heard going on.

It’s going to be a beautiful house when it’s finished!

I finally washed the smell of fire off of me and I’m off to a birthday party for my little one-year-old buddy who lives up the street!