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Earlier today we experienced an earthquake in Maryland.  It was a very bizarre experience as it’s somewhat rare to have an earthquake in Maryland.  We actually do get earthquakes, but they’re imperceptible.  Well, not this one.  It measured 5.9 on the Richter scale which is a huge earthquake for this region.  A few things bounced off of of shelves in the office and it knocked out phone and cell service, but other than that, it was business as usual.  The problem with events like this is that you have to listen to everyone tell their “unique” story about where they were and what they did when they felt it start…only everyone has the exact same story.  “I was sitting at my desk when I heard a rumble and things started to shake…and then I realized it was an earthquake!”  Ah, very interesting.  I’m surprised you were at a desk.  On a Tuesday.  In the middle of the work day.

It reminds me of Dane Cook’s bit about people reacting to car accidents.  I don’t like Dane Cook very much, but he’s dead on about this one.